On the NHL being Cancelled due to COVID-19, my thoughts

I bet you hear a lot of complaining about this in social media. Yes, the NHL 2020 season was postponed to help in the fight against the corona virus spreading. Here at Skifriscosports.com we are sad. We are sports fans who love watching sports but we aren’t going to do any complaining here. In fact, we think the NHL (National Hockey League) did the right thing. All the schools shutting down and the sports pausing for us shows a civilization working together. If we can lessen this bug from spreading to the elderly, its the younger generation’s responsibility. COVID-19 is more infectious than most flues or cold bugs and if one person in an NHL game had it then most people in the stadium would be at risk, and the virus could spread to old folks’ homes within days. Schools are even riskier.

Those are my thoughts, and my colleagues agree. We’re going to do the right, manly thing and isolate ourselves if we catch the bug. This isn’t a slight matter. NHL will be back soon enough and as men we’re willing to take this sacrifice in order to save lives!

Calgary Appliance Repair Technician Moves to Vancouver to Cheer for the Canucks in the NHL

nhl hockey teams

This is a story of our new favorite hero, Gary Jones.

Earlier today we gave a quick shot out to the Vancouver Canucks, and now we want to extent that celebration with a breaking news story from Calgary we think other fans of the Canucks might find humorous.

This is a true story that just came in from a friend of ours. One Gary Jones, after being disappointed by the Calgary Flames and being invited to take care of his aging grandparents in their Vancouver home, decided to make the move the British Columbia. This decision, however, was a lot harder than it sounds thus far. Let’s take it from the beginning.


Gary Jones, an African Canadian who’s been a Flames fan for as long as he can remember, never played sports himself much but always loved watching them on the television, especially hockey in the NHL. He grew up in Calgary, Alberta doing appliance repair services and that fact alone would make it hard for anyone to move away to a foreign land, at least I would like to think, having grown up in a homeland myself. But Gary Jones has a strong heart and when his aging grandparents said they could really use an energetic young man to help around their home, he just had to consider. He had visited his grandparents’ home before, and knew well it was no ordinary home. Now, after making the mentally difficult move, he enjoys a luxury suite in the basement with many windows that look out to several acres of forest with a miniature lake all to himself (his grandparents are too old to use the lake anymore).

The fact that his grandparents needed help made the move a lot easier, and so did the fact that he now supports the Vancouver Canucks and they’re doing so well in the NHL this year. But these are the factors that made the move very difficult:

  1. He couldn’t find work as an appliance repair technician in Vancouver BC until well after he moved there, and the fear of having no work really made him consider never moving.
  2. The appliance repair Calgary company he had been working for already had just given him a major Christmas bonus and was about to give him a raise and a promotion! Such an opportunity was hard to leave behind, but he managed.
  3. He had a lot of personal belongings that were heavy and expensive to move, but after some negotiation his grandparents decided to advance him the money needed to move all his stuff from Calgary to Vancouver because they were planning to give him a good sum of money for helping them around the house anyways.

Nonetheless, despite the odds, Gary Jones made the big move and now you can find him today attending every Canucks game cheering his face off. We here at Skifriscosports celebrate this hero because he did what others are too ashamed to do. Arguably it takes honor to support your home team even after you move, but we argue it takes even more courage to openly announce your betrayal. Not to say that Gary Jones is a traitor for switching from a Flames fan to a Canucks fan… We, as avid Canucks fans ourselves, prefer the term “convert.”

We hope this article was as much as a joy for you to read as it was for us to write, and if you too are out there right now cheering for the Canucks than we cheer for you!

Quick shot out to the Vancouver Canucks! You can make the Playoffs in 2020!

hockey puck

The city of Vancouver BC isn’t a new subject to us, neither are sports, of course, and so today, after being highly impressed with the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL (National Hockey League) we want to give a quick shot out to our favorite hockey team…


This amazing hockey team has one the best chances of winning the playoffs since 2011, and we can’t wait to see Pettersson, Miller, Markstrom, Edler, Stecher, Beagle, Roussell, Boeser, Hughes and all the other superstars on the Canucks prove what they got brewing inside in the finals, especially after watching them waste the Bruins 9 to 3 recently.

One last time, join us in a cheer for our favorite hockey team: GO GO GO CANUCKS!!!!

How Can Repaired Appliances Help Your Sports Team?

water cooler repair

After watching a sport movie the other night I learned something amazing, something that benefited my friend’s sport team immensely. The movie showed a sports team that had a broken fridge in the gym they liked to meet in. And since the fridge was broken no one got to have cold beverages, besides tap water that was the default cold temperature. Someone asked how better they’d be able to perform if the fridge was fixed but it never was. The movie covered this in quick passing but I had to pause it to really think…

“How could a repaired fridge benefit this sports team?” I thought.

Then after thinking long enough I remembered by friend’s hockey team had a water cooler that didn’t work for cold water because the refrigeration element was broken. The water only ever comes out at room temperature. As an experiment I offered to pay to have the water cooler fixed by a professional appliance repair company because no one else wanted to pay for.

To make a long story short, the working water cooler increased the team’s performance by at least 18%. I judged this on how much they scored in the last season compared to history, and they scored 18% more! I really believe it had to do with the working appliance, and so do most of the hockey players because they get to practice with ice-cold water now and they’re more inclined to practice harder.

So if your sports team could use an 18% increase in performance, consider repairing some of the broken appliances they could be using. Even if it seems like it’s just a luxury they don’t really need, because it’s those luxuries like a working microwave for a lunch, a dishwasher that works properly and so on that make those small differences resulting in a better sports team!

So good luck! And check out our blog for more cool posts.

Finally Getting Interested in Sports at a Late Age!

It’s assumed that older people who love a certain sport, whether they practice or just watch it, have always loved sports. But this isn’t true. Occasionally older people slowly fall in love with something they never expected to,  and a sport can be that thing.

So if you find that this is the case for you, you’re not alone. I know several old papas who grew up as tech nerds and now they’re suddenly addicted to watching football. It’s funny because they clearly remember making fun of sports in college.

I love sports and skying, which is why my blog has the name it does, but as you already know I don’t limit my content to that. For me I never thought I would get into blogging when I first heard about it. It’s the same way one of my uncles never thought he’d like UFC when it first came out. But now he can’t miss a fight.

This is a funny topic to ponder and write about. I believe that people can lose interest in a sport over time as well. I know this happens for a lot of golfers. And of course at a certain age any sport is out of the question. I just find it really funny when the one guy you knew in college is an all out scrawny comic book reader and then 30 years later he’s a jacked up athlete. I think it’s a very positive transition, not that forgetting old habits is always a good thing. Some old habits are good, like reading comic books.

Anyways, I hope you learned something or at least had a chuckle. Thanks for reading and depending on how busy I get I might post more frequently.

Is the “Family Room” the Kitchen or the Living Room in Your House? A Blog Post About Home Appliances

domestic living

Guest Post by Kimberly Bouchamp:

If you live on a farm and your grandma plays the banjo than perhaps the front patio is your family room.

The reason I ask this question is because you can learn a lot about the personalities of a family by noting which room they spend more time in. Not all houses have a “dining room,” but the families who do tend to be more upper-class and hold more white collar careers, as they set the table and convene like families on TV.

Most families I know spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and I use the word “family” fairly loosely as sometimes you can consider your student roommates your family. People who drink alcohol and have lower etiquette standards find themselves in the kitchen where all the resources lie. And families who don’t cook conventional meals but instead allow each family member to make their own separate dinner may coalesce in the kitchen while things are taking place.

My family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, which says a lot about them. I kind of wish we had proper dinners at the table but everyone seems to eat in their room, each watching a different Netflix show as they do so. While in the kitchen we’re fighting over appliances. Mom will hog the oven as she does her baking. My brother will hog the microwave and toaster as he cooks his frozen food. My sister will always crowd around the fridge and the blender because she loves to make fruit smoothies and I’ll usually be at the stove top frying eggs and vegetables.

This kind of family kitchen dwelling can lead to problems sometimes. As we fight over who gets to use certain appliances at different times, we tend to overuse things and a lot of appliances break down. We’ve had to order appliance services from our favorite appliance repair mechanic on many occasions: https://www.werepairappliances.ca/ My sister broke the fridge door once trying stuff all her ingredients where they didn’t fit, and my brother had to get our Panasonic microwave rewired when he accidentally hit 2 hours instead of 2 minutes while cooking noodles and then forgot about it. He’s fairly forgetful, playing mindless shooter video games all the time.

Our neighbors are the opposite of us. They keep their kitchen appliances in top-notch condition as you’ll never see anyone but the mother cooking as the father works late in his office. Their daughter sets the table and the their two sons usually play pool over beers in the basement as they wait for dinner to be ready. I kind of wish my family was more like them, but I’ve seen enough Disney movies to know it’s unwise to wish for a different family. I shouldn’t take what I have for granted.

I truly believe that if you live in a family that eats in the living room around the TV, you’ll have less lawyers and doctors as children, but at lease you won’t have mindless retailers like mine does. Eating in the living room isn’t as bad as eating in your own separate rooms, in my opinion, because at least you’re still eating together.

Perhaps you caught the common theme in all this: technology is driving family apart. To end this off I want to add a little more insight into domestic Canadian living by asking young parents to continue the family dinner tradition. To young girls like me who get jealous seeing families eat like normal people, the traditional set table seems to be a relic of the past that you only see in restaurants. Many people don’t even pay a thought to which room in the house they eat.

So if you’re having kids and want a healthy family, please, make the practice of eating at the dining table! Your children might complain in adolescence but as they get older and leave the house they’ll think back and be grateful to have this habit ingrained in their lives. Thank you!

If you’d like to submit a guest post, contact the blog admin. We love posts about home stuff like appliances and kitchen equipment. We’re specifically looking for a writer with expertise in appliance repair to write a post for us about the life of an appliance repair mechanic. Thank you!

Do First Impressions Really Matter? (The Power of End Results)

Today I want to argue that first impressions are the least of what our worries should be, despite everyone telling you that first impressions mean everything. Obviously if you wish to get a new job in a firm as a lawyer it would be idiotic to show up dressed as a clown. But with that simple fact out of the way, I’m about to explain, on a spiritual level, why you should simply let first impressions come naturally with imperfect action, and focus more on how you wish to finish something.

First impressions, on a material level, are, of course, important and thought should be put into making them powerful experiences when introducing your potential to new business leads and partners. But when it comes to making friends, if someone judges you because they didn’t like one little thing in your first impression, do they even deserve to be your friend? I won’t spend much more time on first impressions for much longer, because there’s something far more important to talk about–end results. Continue reading “Do First Impressions Really Matter? (The Power of End Results)”

The Power Of Unconditional Love

For some people it may be ironic or oxymoronic that I would purposely love others in order to make myself feel better. But, sadly, that’s the way it works. To prove that loving others makes you feel better, imagine how you would feel if your whole life you did nothing but help yourself, never showing love for strangers, only loving your own material gain, and then, just when you least deserved it, just when at an unexpected moment for the first time in your life you felt like you needed love, needed help from someone else, someone gave it to you. When you knew yourself that all you deserved was sorrow, someone went out of their way to help you. How would that make you feel?

I don’t know about you but feeling that unconditional love, for me, would probably be a breaking down moment and I would cry and repent my life’s ways.

What, you might ask, is the difference between unconditional love and regular, spousal love? Let me answer that for you.

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Garden Landscaping And Prayers For The Young

A picture of a candle in hands

An amazing thing happened to me today, something that helped me to appreciate the beautiful sun and nature of this world, and gave me hope for my dream and journey. What happened? I was walking past a house I used to live in a decade ago and while seeing if people I knew still lived in the house, people I haven’t seen in a decade, I noticed an elderly lady gardening in the neighboring front yard and asked her if she remembered the landlady and her friends who used to live in the house I used to live in. She remembered exactly who I was talking about and told me the people I was looking for had moved. Who was the landlady I was looking for? She was like a mother to me. When I last saw her we were fighting furiously, a decade ago. Recently she passed away but I wondered if her friends had kept her house for her.

The lady who had been gardening wondered about her old neighbor as well and I told her about how her neighbor, who had moved, had passed away. This was news I had recently gotten myself, and I wish I could have seen this “neighbor” one last time before she had passed.


The elderly lady told me more about herself and together we began to make a prayer for all the children in the world as we looked around at the bright green summer trees. She had the connections, and knew her deceased neighbor had meant a lot to me. I left talking with her feeling so close to the universe, so hopeful for my life, so grateful for everything I had. This kind stranger had blessed me, told me she would continue to pray for me, and I began to think about how happy she looked gardening by herself. I had just started some serious gardening projects myself in my own backyard, and when I got home today I found myself filled with so much love as I worked away landscaping in the garden. Just a few days ago I had ordered some landscaping Victoria BC services to cut my slantwise backyard into seven terraces held in place by retaining walls, and just moments ago I used my recent inspiration to come up with an entire garden layout design for my empty terraces. The first terrace, the one that reaches by patio, already has a fountain and I’m going to put some benches around it with lots of ferns, bird feeders and a sundial, with a 8-figure cobbled path so I can stroll around in circles meditating as time goes by. That is about a week of work and so I thought once I got the first terrace done I’ll walk around meditating and decide what the next terrace will be, rather than making all my important decisions at once. This for me is a reminder that we never know where our lives will go and that means the next terrace or chapter in your life could be so much better than you ever imagined. As each terrace gets more exciting and meaningful, so will the moments in my life.

A picture of a candle in hands
Praying for the young people of this world.

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Cleaning Chores And Long Walks

Picture of bird

Tea in the morning. Seeing the changes in my life as I walk and ponder on all the movement around me. The end of 2017 and 2018 has been an internal experience that has yet to project me onto a great path that I feel is coming, the mysterious path that everyone feels, that gives them satisfaction, whatever it is. For me all I know is that cleaning chores and long walks fills me up and gives me sense that I’m moving in the right direction. Sometimes when I’m cleaning I get so sad but it’s my most creative state and when I clean for a bit and go out for a walk and see how beautiful everything is I often come back to see that my home is beautiful, too. As the summer comes out this time of year I think doing some garden chores in the backyard would be nice as I’ve always wanted to make a certain kind of stew out of vegetables I can grow myself. Thanks for reading its great to be able to share my chores and long walks and whats been on my mind. If I do start some work in the garden I might document it for a nice update.