Calgary Appliance Repair Technician Moves to Vancouver to Cheer for the Canucks in the NHL

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This is a story of our new favorite hero, Gary Jones.

Earlier today we gave a quick shot out to the Vancouver Canucks, and now we want to extent that celebration with a breaking news story from Calgary we think other fans of the Canucks might find humorous.

This is a true story that just came in from a friend of ours. One Gary Jones, after being disappointed by the Calgary Flames and being invited to take care of his aging grandparents in their Vancouver home, decided to make the move the British Columbia. This decision, however, was a lot harder than it sounds thus far. Let’s take it from the beginning.


Gary Jones, an African Canadian who’s been a Flames fan for as long as he can remember, never played sports himself much but always loved watching them on the television, especially hockey in the NHL. He grew up in Calgary, Alberta doing appliance repair services and that fact alone would make it hard for anyone to move away to a foreign land, at least I would like to think, having grown up in a homeland myself. But Gary Jones has a strong heart and when his aging grandparents said they could really use an energetic young man to help around their home, he just had to consider. He had visited his grandparents’ home before, and knew well it was no ordinary home. Now, after making the mentally difficult move, he enjoys a luxury suite in the basement with many windows that look out to several acres of forest with a miniature lake all to himself (his grandparents are too old to use the lake anymore).

The fact that his grandparents needed help made the move a lot easier, and so did the fact that he now supports the Vancouver Canucks and they’re doing so well in the NHL this year. But these are the factors that made the move very difficult:

  1. He couldn’t find work as an appliance repair technician in Vancouver BC until well after he moved there, and the fear of having no work really made him consider never moving.
  2. The appliance repair Calgary company he had been working for already had just given him a major Christmas bonus and was about to give him a raise and a promotion! Such an opportunity was hard to leave behind, but he managed.
  3. He had a lot of personal belongings that were heavy and expensive to move, but after some negotiation his grandparents decided to advance him the money needed to move all his stuff from Calgary to Vancouver because they were planning to give him a good sum of money for helping them around the house anyways.

Nonetheless, despite the odds, Gary Jones made the big move and now you can find him today attending every Canucks game cheering his face off. We here at Skifriscosports celebrate this hero because he did what others are too ashamed to do. Arguably it takes honor to support your home team even after you move, but we argue it takes even more courage to openly announce your betrayal. Not to say that Gary Jones is a traitor for switching from a Flames fan to a Canucks fan… We, as avid Canucks fans ourselves, prefer the term “convert.”

We hope this article was as much as a joy for you to read as it was for us to write, and if you too are out there right now cheering for the Canucks than we cheer for you!

How Can Repaired Appliances Help Your Sports Team?

water cooler repair

After watching a sport movie the other night I learned something amazing, something that benefited my friend’s sport team immensely. The movie showed a sports team that had a broken fridge in the gym they liked to meet in. And since the fridge was broken no one got to have cold beverages, besides tap water that was the default cold temperature. Someone asked how better they’d be able to perform if the fridge was fixed but it never was. The movie covered this in quick passing but I had to pause it to really think…

“How could a repaired fridge benefit this sports team?” I thought.

Then after thinking long enough I remembered by friend’s hockey team had a water cooler that didn’t work for cold water because the refrigeration element was broken. The water only ever comes out at room temperature. As an experiment I offered to pay to have the water cooler fixed by a professional appliance repair company because no one else wanted to pay for.

To make a long story short, the working water cooler increased the team’s performance by at least 18%. I judged this on how much they scored in the last season compared to history, and they scored 18% more! I really believe it had to do with the working appliance, and so do most of the hockey players because they get to practice with ice-cold water now and they’re more inclined to practice harder.

So if your sports team could use an 18% increase in performance, consider repairing some of the broken appliances they could be using. Even if it seems like it’s just a luxury they don’t really need, because it’s those luxuries like a working microwave for a lunch, a dishwasher that works properly and so on that make those small differences resulting in a better sports team!

So good luck! And check out our blog for more cool posts.