Get Your Winter Sports Fun While You Can

winter sports 2021

You might be a person that likes the summer more because there are more sports to do in the summer. That makes sense. But did you know there are so many awesome winter sports you can also do? Well, obviously you knew that already, but has anyone reminded you to go out and get some winter sports fun while you can this winter? I didn’t think so.

If you don’t live near the snow but always wanted to try snowboarding, sledding or skiing, then why not have a winter holiday in Vancouver or Seattle where many skiing resorts riddle the mountaintops?

My message here today is you don’t have to wait for the weather to get nice before getting back to sports. Even if you don’t like the snow, there are still many indoor arenas around to practice and play, but yeah I get it–nothing beats playing sports outside in the sun.

Well until summer is back and we can have audiences in the NHL again, I remind you that winter is still the season for sporting fun!

Thanks to Landscaping Winnipeg Pros


Today we’re giving a shot out to Landscaping Winnipeg Pros of Winnipeg, MB, Canada for their amazing work with our new soccer field. Grass turf installation is a major service needed by many sports arenas, stadiums and fields to upkeep the health of the grass to have a quality field for playing sports on. That’s where our friendly Winnipeg landscaping companies comes into play.

We’re hoping 2021 will be a great year for sports as we look to move ahead from the lull we had in 2020. Now that we have our soccer field ready and professionally turfed by a landscaping company, we can get back to soccer practice for the tournaments this summer. We couldn’t be better set or more excited for this.

So once again, thank you Landscaping Winnipeg Pros! You guys rock and do a quality job well done. If you also need landscaper services near Winnipeg then call this amazing company at (204) 900-8725. They’ll get your landscape looking wonderful.

Staying Active in the New Year

staying active

I know it’s winter because 2021 just started but there’s still ways to stay active and stay warm in the process. 5 things I’m doing to keep active in the new year so far are:

  1. Going for walks everyday
  2. Hiking on the weekend
  3. Push ups and sit ups in the morning
  4. Gym with the friend on Wednesdays
  5. Sports 3 times a week

I don’t play sports as often as I used to but I do other things to remain active in the new year too. Among these things I also take the elevator less and don’t drive when I don’t have to.

It’s great to stay active and I hope this inspired you to stay active too.

Good news: Are you excited for NHL hockey to be back in a few days?

Be a Good Sport this Christmas

After 2020 we have to come to grips with knowing that it won’t be every year that we get to see our missed loved ones. In years like this, the best we can do is see our family and friends over Skype. But I’m not here to let that get you down. I’m here today with a friendly holiday reminder to remain a good sport. By being a good sport this Christmas, despite how difficult things are, means you’re making this season better for everyone near you, not just yourself.

We may not be able to practice good sportsmanship on the pitch right now, but we can be a good sport during the holidays, to help people around us feel that holiday cheer. With what the pandemic did to our economy, it’s easy to mope around and complain. But however strong your urge to be negative is, we must be the positive force others need this time of year.

So can you do this for me? For my Christmas gift all I want is for you to be a good sport. Thank you so much.

Calgary Appliance Repair Technician Moves to Vancouver to Cheer for the Canucks in the NHL

nhl hockey teams

This is a story of our new favorite hero, Gary Jones.

Earlier today we gave a quick shot out to the Vancouver Canucks, and now we want to extent that celebration with a breaking news story from Calgary we think other fans of the Canucks might find humorous.

This is a true story that just came in from a friend of ours. One Gary Jones, after being disappointed by the Calgary Flames and being invited to take care of his aging grandparents in their Vancouver home, decided to make the move the British Columbia. This decision, however, was a lot harder than it sounds thus far. Let’s take it from the beginning.


Gary Jones, an African Canadian who’s been a Flames fan for as long as he can remember, never played sports himself much but always loved watching them on the television, especially hockey in the NHL. He grew up in Calgary, Alberta doing appliance repair services and that fact alone would make it hard for anyone to move away to a foreign land, at least I would like to think, having grown up in a homeland myself. But Gary Jones has a strong heart and when his aging grandparents said they could really use an energetic young man to help around their home, he just had to consider. He had visited his grandparents’ home before, and knew well it was no ordinary home. Now, after making the mentally difficult move, he enjoys a luxury suite in the basement with many windows that look out to several acres of forest with a miniature lake all to himself (his grandparents are too old to use the lake anymore).

The fact that his grandparents needed help made the move a lot easier, and so did the fact that he now supports the Vancouver Canucks and they’re doing so well in the NHL this year. But these are the factors that made the move very difficult:

  1. He couldn’t find work as an appliance repair technician in Vancouver BC until well after he moved there, and the fear of having no work really made him consider never moving.
  2. The appliance repair Calgary company he had been working for already had just given him a major Christmas bonus and was about to give him a raise and a promotion! Such an opportunity was hard to leave behind, but he managed.
  3. He had a lot of personal belongings that were heavy and expensive to move, but after some negotiation his grandparents decided to advance him the money needed to move all his stuff from Calgary to Vancouver because they were planning to give him a good sum of money for helping them around the house anyways.

Nonetheless, despite the odds, Gary Jones made the big move and now you can find him today attending every Canucks game cheering his face off. We here at Skifriscosports celebrate this hero because he did what others are too ashamed to do. Arguably it takes honor to support your home team even after you move, but we argue it takes even more courage to openly announce your betrayal. Not to say that Gary Jones is a traitor for switching from a Flames fan to a Canucks fan… We, as avid Canucks fans ourselves, prefer the term “convert.”

We hope this article was as much as a joy for you to read as it was for us to write, and if you too are out there right now cheering for the Canucks than we cheer for you!

Quick shot out to the Vancouver Canucks! You can make the Playoffs in 2020!

hockey puck

The city of Vancouver BC isn’t a new subject to us, neither are sports, of course, and so today, after being highly impressed with the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL (National Hockey League) we want to give a quick shot out to our favorite hockey team…


This amazing hockey team has one the best chances of winning the playoffs since 2011, and we can’t wait to see Pettersson, Miller, Markstrom, Edler, Stecher, Beagle, Roussell, Boeser, Hughes and all the other superstars on the Canucks prove what they got brewing inside in the finals, especially after watching them waste the Bruins 9 to 3 recently.

One last time, join us in a cheer for our favorite hockey team: GO GO GO CANUCKS!!!!