Cleaning Chores And Long Walks

Tea in the morning. Seeing the changes in my life as I walk and ponder on all the movement around me. The end of 2017 and 2018 has been an internal experience that has yet to project me onto a great path that I feel is coming, the mysterious path that everyone feels, that gives them satisfaction, whatever it is. For me all I know is that cleaning chores and long walks fills me up and gives me sense that I’m moving in the right direction. Sometimes when I’m cleaning I get so sad but it’s my most creative state and when I clean for a bit and go out for a walk and see how beautiful everything is I often come back to see that my home is beautiful, too. As the summer comes out this time of year I think doing some garden chores in the backyard would be nice as I’ve always wanted to make a certain kind of stew out of vegetables I can grow myself. Thanks for reading its great to be able to share my chores and long walks and whats been on my mind. If I do start some work in the garden I might document it for a nice update.