I choose empathy.

The last time I was in I chose to write about finding presence, and a technique that I have found creates a natural relaxation. Today I would like to talk a little bit about empathy. Empathy, by definition is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another sentient being. Now what exactly does this entail to you? I know to me, that when someone is bubbly and full of energy, the last thing I need to worry about is fixing their “problems”. As human beings we find ourselves to fix other individuals, at least those who walk the earth embodying empathy. I constantly find myself in situations where if someone is down in the dust, or walking with their eyes gazing at their shoes my instinct is know what’s up and put myself to service. Literally, their biorhythms can entirely change my focus on the task at hand because of how much I care.

Do you ever feel that you are somebodies key to a shift in mindset? You can be, and despite me saying my entire focus changes when I see someone struggling, you can do this with not as much effort! A simple strategy? Remain patient, calm, controlled, and honest in front of these individuals, in front of anybody! It may take some time, but you will be their way back to peace of mind. 

I really like how I’ve chosen to start my public postings. It has all been by feel, my emotion is creating these words, I am hardly thinking. This leaves room for some spelling mistakes and some faults with grammar but I can take the good with the bad with zero hesitation. So you know by now you may have gathered up an idea as to whose words your reading, I love that! I want this to be a fun experience and my appreciation for your time is infinite, this is fun for me and to have individuals actually taking the time to learn more about who I am? Wow, just wow. 

This being said, I will not make it easy for you. I want my readers to continue to be surprised, one day I may write when I am angry and my words will not flow the way they normally do because of how much emotion is involved. This leaves room for your own interpretation, “Is this Raphael?” you may think. That to I love, because eventually if you continue to read my words, you’ll begin to understand who I really am.

Today I will leave you with this, bless you.