Feelings And Thoughts

Some days it’s like a wrestling competition, am I right?


Pin pointing the specifics is a challenge, there are countless situations in this world we live in that create this tug of war between thoughts and feelings. I read this beautiful quote the other day, actually, if memory serves me correctly I believe it was a video floating around on Facebook.

I will quote it like so, “There are two voices in your head, battering away at you throughout any given day, unless you have learned the beauty of meditation and silencing the mind.” Even being familiar with these practices, your thoughts will continue to be there, you just learn to embody an openness and begin to understand things for what they are. “One of the voices is kind of taking control, legitimately removing your awareness from the present moment, that voice is telling you what you should do. If you can wait patiently enough for that second voice, listening for what is more like a whisper rather than a shout, it often says: this is what you could do.”

I wanted to share these words with you all this afternoon, this is something that has been dancing around my brain the past few days and I have been doing what I can to better understand it. The feelings towards this is like it is the path I should be taking, this exploration of personal development and growth. On the thinking side of things which is where I believe most problems to arise, actually all problems because if you have a foundation of openness and acceptance there aren’t many problems out there. My thinking has been shouting at me to remain comfortable in this routine I have going on, work out in the morning, drink my coffee, go to work, do my errands, do some more work, and then relax with a couple drinks.”

Things are changing for me, and I wanted to share what has been running through my brain with all of you to perhaps gain some insight. Do you struggle with the “comfort zone”? Habitual patterns that stop you from moving forward? Fears of change?

I would love to hear from you.