Finally Getting Interested in Sports at a Late Age!

It’s assumed that older people who love a certain sport, whether they practice or just watch it, have always loved sports. But this isn’t true. Occasionally older people slowly fall in love with something they never expected to,  and a sport can be that thing.

So if you find that this is the case for you, you’re not alone. I know several old papas who grew up as tech nerds and now they’re suddenly addicted to watching football. It’s funny because they clearly remember making fun of sports in college.

I love sports and skying, which is why my blog has the name it does, but as you already know I don’t limit my content to that. For me I never thought I would get into blogging when I first heard about it. It’s the same way one of my uncles never thought he’d like UFC when it first came out. But now he can’t miss a fight.

This is a funny topic to ponder and write about. I believe that people can lose interest in a sport over time as well. I know this happens for a lot of golfers. And of course at a certain age any sport is out of the question. I just find it really funny when the one guy you knew in college is an all out scrawny comic book reader and then 30 years later he’s a jacked up athlete. I think it’s a very positive transition, not that forgetting old habits is always a good thing. Some old habits are good, like reading comic books.

Anyways, I hope you learned something or at least had a chuckle. Thanks for reading and depending on how busy I get I might post more frequently.