First And Foremost!

I appreciate all of you!

You may be thinking, oh jeez I found a writer who starts things off all sappy… Now I am not leading in that direction any further! Me stating that fact initially creates tolerance in your being in case you come across something on my website that you resent, dislike, or want to change. Those extra seconds I’ll have with you give me the opportunity to create something that you may actually love, enjoy, or want to read more about.

I gotcha didn’t I? That was a catchy starting point, I must admit.

Let’s really start things off with the reason I chose my header image. This animal symbolizes courage, endurance, ferocity, and compassion. These are things that I myself work to embody on a daily basis, and that is my real reason for selecting the snow leopard to greet my writers. Now this is besides the fact that the image itself is gorgeous, I mean whoever took that photo is truly brilliant. Onto more important things like why I am here writing to you and what my postings will be about, and the truth is, I couldn’t tell you. Today this is how I feel, so I am here writing these words with absolutely zero effort, my fingers are simply rolling onto the keyboard and I have no specific desire. I guess this is a way of putting me into the present moment? I have remembered recently the amazing ability we have to lower our level throughout the day, when I say this I simply mean to bend at the knees and root yourself to the earth, this tension may feel like tension at first but after a while your able to be in this position and at the same time be as light as a feather. Not only are you as mobile as a snow leopard with your ability to pounce but you are bringing your body into the present moment, connect this conscious action with belly breathing like a baby and following your heart, now your golden! Easier said than done hey? Oh I know… but I have found this sequence creates a natural relaxation. 


I’ll end with this, why? To me, it’s a huge opening. Contact me here.