Garden Landscaping And Prayers For The Young

An amazing thing happened to me today, something that helped me to appreciate the beautiful sun and nature of this world, and gave me hope for my dream and journey. What happened? I was walking past a house I used to live in a decade ago and while seeing if people I knew still lived in the house, people I haven’t seen in a decade, I noticed an elderly lady gardening in the neighboring front yard and asked her if she remembered the landlady and her friends who used to live in the house I used to live in. She remembered exactly who I was talking about and told me the people I was looking for had moved. Who was the landlady I was looking for? She was like a mother to me. When I last saw her we were fighting furiously, a decade ago. Recently she passed away but I wondered if her friends had kept her house for her.

The lady who had been gardening wondered about her old neighbor as well and I told her about how her neighbor, who had moved, had passed away. This was news I had recently gotten myself, and I wish I could have seen this “neighbor” one last time before she had passed.


The elderly lady told me more about herself and together we began to make a prayer for all the children in the world as we looked around at the bright green summer trees. She had the connections, and knew her deceased neighbor had meant a lot to me. I left talking with her feeling so close to the universe, so hopeful for my life, so grateful for everything I had. This kind stranger had blessed me, told me she would continue to pray for me, and I began to think about how happy she looked gardening by herself. I had just started some serious gardening projects myself in my own backyard, and when I got home today I found myself filled with so much love as I worked away landscaping in the garden. Just a few days ago I had ordered some landscaping Victoria BC services to cut my slantwise backyard into seven terraces held in place by retaining walls, and just moments ago I used my recent inspiration to come up with an entire garden layout design for my empty terraces. The first terrace, the one that reaches by patio, already has a fountain and I’m going to put some benches around it with lots of ferns, bird feeders and a sundial, with a 8-figure cobbled path so I can stroll around in circles meditating as time goes by. That is about a week of work and so I thought once I got the first terrace done I’ll walk around meditating and decide what the next terrace will be, rather than making all my important decisions at once. This for me is a reminder that we never know where our lives will go and that means the next terrace or chapter in your life could be so much better than you ever imagined. As each terrace gets more exciting and meaningful, so will the moments in my life.

A picture of a candle in hands
Praying for the young people of this world.

But this is all more than about just me and my empty terraces. The praying I do in my garden while I landscape is for all the children around the world. I join millions of other praying people around the world whenever I enter this meditative state sending love down into the so land across the world with my mind. Seeing the beauty of my garden and the neighborhood I live in helps me feel the love so much more as there’s not a worry in the world. Yet still I worry for all the children who are alone and have no one to talk to as they make swift changes in their lives, not knowing where they’re going. I wish they all had someone to love them, and so I pray that the universe will always send to these children exactly what they need to overcome their difficulties and develop into intelligent people who live long meaningful lives.

7 things I pray for while landscaping in my garden:

  1. Moments of peace and happiness for every newborn child, so that they automatically can know there is so much more beauty behind the darkness.
  2. Food and water for all children when it’s most needed, and prayers of blessings to all the adults working in the field to give such nourishment to these children.
  3. Children’s divine insight and curiosity for the spiritual, to overcome the egotistic and materialist cultures of the world, so children can know that it’s not Facebook or objects that “fills their cup” so to speak, but it’s verily themselves and the thoughts they put out into the world; they’ll understand this.
  4. Nature always finding a way to make children look away from the darkness in the world and smile.
  5. Parental relationships, parents, spouses, living long, healthy marriages and letting the kind of children we need to lead our countries come from healthy environments to stay focused in school for the bettering of everyone they’re helping with their services in adulthood.
  6. Positive music overcoming and out-sounding the negative music, because it’s the positive music that matches the way they wish to feel more often, and not the way they might feel sometimes.
  7. Lastly but more importantly I wish for God itself, the universe, or whatever you want to call it, to make its presence more well known so that more doors can open for those who need them, doors that lead them into the light of universe’s mercy.

So if you have a garden or are a landscaper, a forester, woodcutter or anyone like a fishermen who gets to appreciate nature close-up every day I pray that you too will notice the beauty of everything around you and find yourself praying for the children in the world, not because I told you too but because it feels good to know that you would never do anything to harm a child in this world and your being here is making this world a nicer, safer place. Gardening and landcaping, doing chores and taking long walks in nature for me is a way to feel that love of being with one with all growth and beauty more powerfully, so that my cup is filled.