Feelings And Thoughts

Some days it’s like a wrestling competition, am I right?


Pin pointing the specifics is a challenge, there are countless situations in this world we live in that create this tug of war between thoughts and feelings. I read this beautiful quote the other day, actually, if memory serves me correctly I believe it was a video floating around on Facebook.

I will quote it like so, “There are two voices in your head, battering away at you throughout any given day, unless you have learned the beauty of meditation and silencing the mind.” Even being familiar with these practices, your thoughts will continue to be there, you just learn to embody an openness and begin to understand things for what they are. “One of the voices is kind of taking control, legitimately removing your awareness from the present moment, that voice is telling you what you should do. If you can wait patiently enough for that second voice, listening for what is more like a whisper rather than a shout, it often says: this is what you could do.”

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I choose empathy.

The last time I was in I chose to write about finding presence, and a technique that I have found creates a natural relaxation. Today I would like to talk a little bit about empathy. Empathy, by definition is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another sentient being. Now what exactly does this entail to you? I know to me, that when someone is bubbly and full of energy, the last thing I need to worry about is fixing their “problems”. As human beings we find ourselves to fix other individuals, at least those who walk the earth embodying empathy. I constantly find myself in situations where if someone is down in the dust, or walking with their eyes gazing at their shoes my instinct is know what’s up and put myself to service. Literally, their biorhythms can entirely change my focus on the task at hand because of how much I care.

Do you ever feel that you are somebodies key to a shift in mindset? You can be, and despite me saying my entire focus changes when I see someone struggling, you can do this with not as much effort! A simple strategy? Remain patient, calm, controlled, and honest in front of these individuals, in front of anybody! It may take some time, but you will be their way back to peace of mind. 

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First And Foremost!

I appreciate all of you!

You may be thinking, oh jeez I found a writer who starts things off all sappy… Now I am not leading in that direction any further! Me stating that fact initially creates tolerance in your being in case you come across something on my website that you resent, dislike, or want to change. Those extra seconds I’ll have with you give me the opportunity to create something that you may actually love, enjoy, or want to read more about.

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