Thanks to Landscaping Winnipeg Pros


Today we’re giving a shot out to Landscaping Winnipeg Pros of Winnipeg, MB, Canada for their amazing work with our new soccer field. Grass turf installation is a major service needed by many sports arenas, stadiums and fields to upkeep the health of the grass to have a quality field for playing sports on. That’s where our friendly Winnipeg landscaping companies comes into play.

We’re hoping 2021 will be a great year for sports as we look to move ahead from the lull we had in 2020. Now that we have our soccer field ready and professionally turfed by a landscaping company, we can get back to soccer practice for the tournaments this summer. We couldn’t be better set or more excited for this.

So once again, thank you Landscaping Winnipeg Pros! You guys rock and do a quality job well done. If you also need landscaper services near Winnipeg then call this amazing company at (204) 900-8725. They’ll get your landscape looking wonderful.