How Can Repaired Appliances Help Your Sports Team?

water cooler repair

After watching a sport movie the other night I learned something amazing, something that benefited my friend’s sport team immensely. The movie showed a sports team that had a broken fridge in the gym they liked to meet in. And since the fridge was broken no one got to have cold beverages, besides tap water that was the default cold temperature. Someone asked how better they’d be able to perform if the fridge was fixed but it never was. The movie covered this in quick passing but I had to pause it to really think…

“How could a repaired fridge benefit this sports team?” I thought.

Then after thinking long enough I remembered by friend’s hockey team had a water cooler that didn’t work for cold water because the refrigeration element was broken. The water only ever comes out at room temperature. As an experiment I offered to pay to have the water cooler fixed by a professional appliance repair company because no one else wanted to pay for.

To make a long story short, the working water cooler increased the team’s performance by at least 18%. I judged this on how much they scored in the last season compared to history, and they scored 18% more! I really believe it had to do with the working appliance, and so do most of the hockey players because they get to practice with ice-cold water now and they’re more inclined to practice harder.

So if your sports team could use an 18% increase in performance, consider repairing some of the broken appliances they could be using. Even if it seems like it’s just a luxury they don’t really need, because it’s those luxuries like a working microwave for a lunch, a dishwasher that works properly and so on that make those small differences resulting in a better sports team!

So good luck! And check out our blog for more cool posts.