Be a Good Sport this Christmas

After 2020 we have to come to grips with knowing that it won’t be every year that we get to see our missed loved ones. In years like this, the best we can do is see our family and friends over Skype. But I’m not here to let that get you down. I’m here today with a friendly holiday reminder to remain a good sport. By being a good sport this Christmas, despite how difficult things are, means you’re making this season better for everyone near you, not just yourself.

We may not be able to practice good sportsmanship on the pitch right now, but we can be a good sport during the holidays, to help people around us feel that holiday cheer. With what the pandemic did to our economy, it’s easy to mope around and complain. But however strong your urge to be negative is, we must be the positive force others need this time of year.

So can you do this for me? For my Christmas gift all I want is for you to be a good sport. Thank you so much.