On the NHL being Cancelled due to COVID-19, my thoughts

I bet you hear a lot of complaining about this in social media. Yes, the NHL 2020 season was postponed to help in the fight against the corona virus spreading. Here at Skifriscosports.com we are sad. We are sports fans who love watching sports but we aren’t going to do any complaining here. In fact, we think the NHL (National Hockey League) did the right thing. All the schools shutting down and the sports pausing for us shows a civilization working together. If we can lessen this bug from spreading to the elderly, its the younger generation’s responsibility. COVID-19 is more infectious than most flues or cold bugs and if one person in an NHL game had it then most people in the stadium would be at risk, and the virus could spread to old folks’ homes within days. Schools are even riskier.

Those are my thoughts, and my colleagues agree. We’re going to do the right, manly thing and isolate ourselves if we catch the bug. This isn’t a slight matter. NHL will be back soon enough and as men we’re willing to take this sacrifice in order to save lives!